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Google Ads PPC Optimization Tool

Google Ads
We reduce the cost per conversion up to 30%
using Big Data, Machine Learning and AI technologies, without losing leads and conversion rates
30 days money back guarantee
How AnData Helps Business
Delegate ads campaigns optimization and get more leads for less money
Grow your business and manage more clients with no need of a bigger team
Get the opportunity to solve non-standard issues with the full power of BigData + ML + Ai and AnData dedicated team
Save time on ads setup and get handy analytics reports

How AI Helps Your Marketing

Automatically turn off inefficient costs, optimize bids and redistribute Ads budgets
Continuously analyze and improve all your advertising campaigns at the same time
Make bid adjustments every hour and let AI work 24/7 without breaks and weekends!

How AnData Ads Automation Works

One Click Ads Optimization

We have automated marketing at all stages: from data collection to ads campaigns optimization and real-time traffic buying. All you need is click the Apply button.

ML-Search and Removal Ineffective Ads

Reduce advertising costs by detection and removal ineffective keywords, display, ads. Our ML model uses continual learning to update clients' Ads strategies.

AI-driven Bidder

Optimize your CPC Ads with an AI-driven bidder. Choose KPIs to optimize and get maximum control of your advertising campaign. Get up to 30% to the results of your Ads campaigns.

Audience Segmentation

Automatically create segments and upload them to your channels.
Segment by: actions/conversions, date, devices, location, marketing channels, ads... and get even more options from our ML-model.

Automatic UTM Tagging

Leave the routine of UTM tagging to AnData bot. Thanks to the bot, campaigns are automatically tagged: data is not lost, and bid optimization works correctly. You no longer need to monitor UTM tags manually.

Reduce your CPL with the AI-optimization Loop

A constantly learning campaign optimization model goes for: collects data, ETL, forms dynamic profiles, uses deep machine learning, generates AI-recommendations , and uploads changes to your ads campaigns. Then repeats all the processes infinitely.
Leave routine operations to artificial intelligence and clear time to solve strategic issues.
Alex Birukov, CEO
The future of digital marketing lies in automated solutions, where “the machine” does 90% of work. AnData platform is just such a solution.
Make Processes Management Simple
AnData collects a large amount of data, analyzes it, then trains algorithms and generates recommendations that can be applied in one click

Ads' Parameters Optimization in One Click

AnData predicts how the proposed changes will affect campaign's conversion and CPL, and allows you to run optimization parameters separately.

Real-Time Ads Campaign Reports

Get complete information on all your campaigns and advertising channels stored in one place

How AnData optimizes Ads Parameters

Artificial intelligence allocates your Ad budget to more converting keywords / hours / days / locations / devices. So you get more conversions with the same budget

Never Loose Your Data with Automatic UTM

If you don't want to lose valuable data you need to have a correct UTM.
We see that about 70% of new companies signing in to AnData have incomplete tagging. To help them we created a bot that automatically checks UTM links and adds tagging, if there are mistakes or absent tags + constantly monitors all the links in active campaigns.

Quick API Connection to Services

Just provide us an access to your Ads account and we automatically set up all the work
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Take a new look at analytics and online Ad management

30 days money back guarantee